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where are the instructions for the plasmadrive ?

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where are the instructions for the plasmadrive ?

Postby dacflyer » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:49 pm

i have a few questions about the plasma drive

1 - how do you expand the sequence creator ? i am only able to see 65 blocks, not the 75as there should be. i have tried to expand the sides, its not possible..i even tried screen res. and that does not help any.

2 - how do i change the values of the HOLD and FADE when i click on a value it changes to 0 and cannot change it any other way.

3 - i was told, but i cannot remember how to adjust a color on the fly..some led colors do not match the led color well
(example..yellow looks like it has too much green on the led. as i'd like to be able to adjust the led color as i slide the color controls )

this is all for now...
i am using win XP here on a Toshiba satellite..laptop
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Re: where are the instructions for the plasmadrive ?

Postby laserchuck » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:27 pm

Hi dacflyer, I'm sorry you are having some issues there.

1 - I just did a quick look on my monitor and saw that the window requires at least 1210 x 360 pixels to be shown fully. If there is anything less than that, you would have to drag it around to see the other part of the screen. There are no scroll bars embedded into the window, but you should be able to grab the ends and stretch them around. I don't know why that wouldn't be working for you, but I'll make note of it.

2 - Setting the HOLD and FADE works the same way you would set the color. Use the drop-down menu under the color controls to set the value, then click and drag to paint that value into each of the slots as needed.

3 - There isn't currently an on-the-fly adjustment for the colors that results in a live display of the color change. The easiest way to approximate this would be to click the number for that memory slot at the top, then shift+click the desired LED box, adjust the sliders, then click the "Apply Main Color To Selected Slots". There is much that I would like to see rewritten about the color selection, live adjustments and a more accurate representation is on my wishlist.

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Re: where are the instructions for the plasmadrive ?

Postby dacflyer » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:41 pm

ok, that helped a lot..
but i thing that the screen size issue should be a thing that needs to be fixed, because when i resize my screen the font etc is so small i need glasses.. if only the sides could be stretched out more. that would help a lot..
once i resize the screen i can do it.. but it is a real hassle to do this..

one thing i noticed is that the brightness can be adjusted on the fly, but not the colors..
otherwise i am getting the hang of this fairly well...

it was nice to meet you guys at Anthrocon this year ( AC )
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